Princess vs. Feminist

Which one should win out?

By: Gabriela Yareliz Gonzalez

I once heard a story about newlyweds, a man who said he’d get the living room packed up and moved and she wouldn’t have to move a finger. The next day came and he got tied up in something and asked for her help moving coffee table before the movers came. His wife refused. She said he had told her she wouldn’t have to move a finger and she seemed distressed at the thought that he’d break his “word”.

The story made me sick, her reaction deeply irritated me- I mean what was wrong with that woman? In my opinion any sane woman would have bent over and helped her husband move the table. You see in my eyes there are two types of women: the Princess and the Feminist; the one who sits around, the one who does it all, the dependant one and the independent one. Which one is better and why? Could you be both?

Today’s society is broken in two opinions, often times we see the woman on television, the TV wife, who is the brain of the household, yet strangely dependent on her what they make to be inutile husband. Then there’s the woman who studies say today is not getting married and pursuing a career.

There’s the woman who always has expectations and the one ready to make do with whatever comes. There’s the insecure, jealous and manipulative woman and then there’s the confident, outspoken, and feisty woman. Neither sounds good does it…however we can each probably identify with one.

The Princess:

–  A woman’s need for man is not wrong, we were created this way, yet she tends to drain the male figure, she is expectant and needy.

– If something difficult like changing a tire comes her way some day, she can’t do it, and has no interest to.

– She is not someone you want to face adversity with, she’ll probably just complain

– She is very feminine and can be traditional

The Feminist:

-She can devalue masculinity because she feels she is self-sufficient

-She pursues what she wants, she is driven and determined

-She’d rather do things herself and get something done.

-Can be daring, and test limits.

                I believe it’s important to be a mixture of both, not someone oppressed but not outrageously liberated. Good things come in balance-which is hard to obtain, but is worth the effort. I also believe men play a big part in what women are becoming. If they are feeding into what society dictates that they are, animalistic, lazy and dumb, there are going to be women unwilling to submit to that . With men leaving homes, and abandoning wives, women must step up to the plate and survive. A woman’s independence can hurt a male’s masculinity, which is where the feminist mind set becomes a problem; because women do need men (the same is true the other way around).  A strong woman is a marvelous thing yet she should know she has her place. Being driven is important but a woman has a greater mission-to have a family and care for it. Women should learn to do things that are needs, but be willing to accept the help when offered.

                This balance comes wrapped into a one woman-

  The Virtuous:

-she is trustworthy and honoring of her husband and male figures

-efficient and driven

-caring and wise


                This woman is one who is priceless and is the woman described in Proverbs 31. She is virtuous and is efficient and caring in all of her ways. She strives, she is dependent, and is wise. She is the woman who understands where she stands in comparison to the man in her life (and serves as a contrast and compliment), and as he leads she follows and helps.

                So that is what we must be, we must tap into the inner princess yet also be strong enough to survive. We must be honorable women and live up to the word, and most importantly forget what society says we are or should be and be ourselves in the place God intended us to hold.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Princess vs. Feminist

  1. Excellent. At sometime in my life I ve taken both sides ( not so much the princess..) but I have seen a parade of irresponsible, useless men through out my life (except for peterwaffles; whose my brother by the way) and had lost hope in the balance all together.
    Knowing my place in God´s original plan made all right in my head again…

    🙂 great article Gabriela!

    1. Thanks, I know as a young woman it can be really hard, I see myself caught between both at times, but it’s cool to see we were made to be the balance. so cool, peterwaffles is your bro! 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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