It came upon the midnight clear

By: Gabriela Yareliz

This may be a bit cryptic and philosophical, but I will share anyway. (And now worries, it has nothing to do with my fabulous law school.)

I think everyone has something that tries to trap them. Something that has been a part of one’s plan or hope maybe one’s entire life; whether it is a desire, lifestyle, ambition, plan, the type of person you envision yourself being–maybe you didn’t, but I know I did.

I was thinking this week about my motives regarding perhaps participating in something, and I realized my motives weren’t good enough.

I thought it was enough to desire the presteige and try to fit into a painting I had painted long ago of myself. That picture had eroded, however, and turned into something else.

We change. I realized, I have changed a lot from the person I was four years ago. I didn’t just realize this, but it certainly slapped me this time around.

I thought, why would I do this?

So I could say I went here and there, studied here, feel smart, have my head filled with human thought and stand around at cocktail parties with presteigous people and high society talking about frivolous ridiculous ideas that we don’t even understand, but pretend to…

I was in this midnight of confusion. I was in the darkness between who I used to be, who I wanted to be, who I am now and who I now want to be.

There is no turning back; not unless you choose to.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is not like I wanted to be something terrible. I just realized that what I wanted would bring me to certain things, some good, but in the end the result was: pride and a different reality. By reality, I mean priorities, concerns, lifestyle… the reality of our daily lives.

Now, what do I mean about a different reality?

I was talking to a friend one day, and my friend asked me what I thought about New York. Something that bothers me about New York is the glitzy side. You know what I am talking about. The glassy towers, the christmas decorations and lights probably made by child laborers, the Lord and Taylor displays, the glittering theaters–everything we preoccupy ourselves with while the world is falling apart.

My friend told me that realities are relative. For some people that is their reality; expensive restaurants, evenings at the theater and taxi fares that exceed $100, dropped as if it were only a dollar.

I agreed with my friend. Realities, we all have our own.

I told my friend I liked the more ethnic neighborhoods, seeing the not-so-well-off people and the more “real” side of New York. My friend told me I was romanticizing reality by making it seem like “real” reality is rough, gritty… you catch my (or better said, my friend’s) drift.

I can’t help but think those who are worse off–they should be our reality. If not, we simply forget about them. Just because their reality isn’t yours, it doesn’t mean they still aren’t suffering.

We can’t keep being blind to those around us. The world is divided into two realities. Those of us who are preoccupied with ourselves, our presteige, our accomplishments and our paychecks–then, there are those who care about others even if perhaps life has given them a lighter burden to bear.

As I thought and prayed about future decisions, I sat alone and let the glamourous people fade, the clinking silverware and glasses, the revered books, the longstanding towers, the stupid conversations with people filled with themselves. It all faded.

I was left with this:

Let’s make others a part of our reality. Forget the worldly standard of excellence, presteige, class–the world won’t care if you refocus on what really matters because it is preoccupied with many other things. It doesn’t care about you, it just wants you to care about what it wants you to care about.

We were given the greatest example. We are not here to exalt ourselves or see how much we can gain. If God gives you greatness, then praise Him; but truly, the way to greatness is by serving.

“Serving is the supreme art. God was the first servant, and He came to serve man.” -La Vita e Bella

These are things we know, but often do not make a part of our reality.

It is when you come to a crossroads and you are offered glitter and gold, that you need to put those shades on and keep walking. Walk to another who needs your helping hand; walk to the one alone; walk to the one that is set aside; walk to the one that is invisible.

This came upon me at midnight, and it was clear.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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