This Week’s Picks: May 19, 2013

By: Gabriela Yareliz
The end of 1L year. By God’s grace we have made it through.

Thank you Jesus, for all the amazing blessings. Thank you for dreaming big dreams for us, and for caring so much for us that you make a plan for our lives. Thank you, because if we are willing, you guide us along the path to marvelous things.

I have had such a marvelous time at my school, in this profession, and I have met extraordinary people. I have seen God’s hand move and protect me; I have seen His love and care for me through every person who expressed their love and concern for me, and who had me in their prayers. I have seen miracles. I have been healed. I have missed the most important people in my life. I have befriended what seemed like the impossible.

I want to say thank you to all of you who read this blog. My blog has reached an extraordinary amount of views from literally all around the world, and I feel so blessed by that. Some subscribe, some bookmark me, others have my entries emailed to them, some have me on Google or WordPress reader, others just google “how will gabriela end” (which I have no idea what they mean… but they end up here)–
Thank you for reading what I write. My blog is not exactly a niche blog. I don’t talk about the same thing all the time. I think the blog is a reflection of a part of me. I am not the girl with the same hairstyle, style, hair cut and makeup everyday. Each day is a new invention. Each day has a different theme. In the same way, some days I am thinking of weddings, other days I am thinking of Bollywood philosophy, sometimes its a good song, a movie, a quote, some piece of art (fashion or photography) or something deeper.

If you review my blog, the majority of tags are religion/theology topics. Granted, that is what I believe life revolves around. It is an aspect of my life that fills every other. Often times the philosophy I find in movies, books, songs and quotes often reflects some sort of deeper message. I am a serious person, but at the same time light-hearted and creative.

I hope that each person who visits this site, leaves inspired by something. I hope you continue to find something to laugh about, something to learn more about and most of all, something to think about.
Thank you.
Truly yours.

“Dream and don’t ask too many questions, or fear will overcome your feelings.” Paulo Coelho

Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t over analyze; just trust that if God places a dream in your heart, He will bring it to pass. Don’t ask or try to find logic because He can work the impossible.


3] The elegance of Madame Ines de la Fressange @ Cannes 2013






9] What a powerful message about discovering the stone in your life keeping you from true life.




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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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