This Week’s Picks: August 11, 2013

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Hello my dears,

It’s hot, humid and cloudy. Yes, but life is still good. I keep avoiding my legal summer reading (I know I will get to it). Come into the law student and lawyer’s mind: Apparently, law school makes you hate anything with serious words listed one after the other in a coherent series that supposedly should have meaning. (This was confirmed by a lawyer friend). Then, when you read not-so-serious stuff, you say to yourself, “I read that junk? The stupidest thing I’ve ever read.” So, either it takes every critical thought out of you or it’s dumb.

True story.
This week’s picks has a variety of inspiration, but I could dub it “This Week’s Picks: the political [power couple] edition.” Enjoy.

1] Cute words from the DNC 2012 by my man Bill Clinton

2] The Hillary Clinton

3] Young couples

The Clintons

The Obamas

The Abdullahs

4] New York City Campaign Continues

Huma for Mayor!

5] Prayer

6] Guess who just announced a fashion label?
None other than: Ines de La Fressange! (Yes, with exclamation point at the end).

She describes her brand as desirable.

7] Law School?


9] Keep calm and carry on 😉

10] Sarko be back?!

11] Song of the week- Jimmy Needham’s “If I ever needed Grace”

“If I ever needed grace, it’s now
You are strong when I am weak, somehow
I am weak enough to see
I need you to cover me
If I ever needed grace, it’s now”


13] Some humor


The ninja shower:

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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