This Week’s Picks: August 17, 2013/Moving Week

By: Gabriela Yareliz

School starts soon. All the students are lugging their boxes and body bags into their apartments. Ahhh. Move-in time. This morning I woke up all sore. For a second I thought maybe it was from sleeping in a messed up way, but then I remembered the day before carrying heavy bags. God is so good though; I had help. If not, I would have died. Now that we have the month’s workout done (kidding), it’s time to man up and start ordering books, reading books–but before that starts: This week’s picks.

1] I hate to start with politics, but it’s that time of year-campaigning. Did anyone see the new Bill De Blasio ad by his son? Very cute. I liked it. Very humanizing for him. This isn’t an endorsement (as my former posts were not endorsement for Anthony Weiner, but if his wife Huma was running, then I would endorse her), it’s simply fascination. A job well done with the ad.

“We are too undemanding, too ready to watch whatever is on the screen, too lonely, too lazy, or too bored to create our own lives. We turn on the TV and leave it on, allowing someone else to guide us, shape us, and destroy us. Losing ourselves in this way is leaving our fate in the hands of others who may not be acting responsibly. We must be aware of which programs do harm to our nervous systems, minds, and hearts, and of which programs benefit us. Of course, I am not talking only about television. All around us, how many lures are set by our fellows and ourselves? In a single day, how many times do we become lost and scattered because of them? We must be very careful to protect our fate and our peace.” Peace is Every Step, 14, Thich Nhat Hanh

3] Song of the week: Born for This, Mandisa (based on the story of Esther)

/Sometimes you gotta go, uninvited
Sometimes you gotta speak when you don’t have the floor
Sometimes you gotta move, when everybody else says you should stay
No way, no, not today
You gotta ask, if you want an answer
Sometimes you gotta stand apart from the crowd
Long before your heart could run the risk
You were born for this/

4] Trust

5] Hair and makeup inspiration of the week: Aisha (Sonam Kapoor)



We are enjoying the last days of summer. The sun is shining, but the weather is slightly cooler.

Soon it will be fall. We might as well find something positive since we can’t stop the lovely heat from leaving us…


9] Understanding Huma Abedin

Interesting Forbes article on Abedin.

“Just as politicians are different from you and me, so are the women who marry politicians.” John Tamny

10] Taal

“Shaadi na hi ek contract hai, na hi koi utsav hai … agar utsav hai toh logon ke liye hai … shaadi do aatmaon do dilon ka mel hai … jisme do jan bharpoor zindagi saath saath jeete hai aur saath saath marte hai.”

English Translation

“Marriage is not a contract, neither a festival; if it’s a festival, then it’s for others; marriage is a union of two souls, two hearts in which two people live life together to the fullest and die together.”

“Pyar mein giro mat bachche … utho, rise in love.”

English Translation

“Son don’t fall in love; get up, rise in love.”

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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