Sunny Season


I am dead tired. It was one of those days. An oatmeal day. A day when, even though I have rice and food ready to be eaten, I need something soft to warm my stomach and soothe my little soul.

The summer has been mild and strange. The humidity rises to levels making us feel nauseated and sticky. If you want the complete experience, stand on the corner of West Broadway and Canal St. on a hot and humid day. It smells like diapers; enough to make you gag. The lovely smells of New York City. A working summer teaches you a lot. As usual, you tend to learn a lot more about life and how people work.

The world is full of conflict, and all seems to be a bit upside down. People seem to have forgotten human dignity and the concept of peace. But, I don’t want to talk about that. My day is filled with that. The news is filled with that. We need some bright rays to shine through our days filled with faces of anguish and bright flashing screens.

My arms and legs are peeling–still. It’s a phase thing. I am starting to wonder exactly how many layers of skin I will shed before it stops. Awkward tan lines remain. If they are going to be weird, they better last until winter.

Jamba Juice distributer to NYC has run out of kale. First world problems: no kale. Cyclists in TriBeCa ride on the sidewalk (illegal), which means many of us almost get run over, at least twice a day. I saw a woman fight with a cyclist.

I have got autumn fever (more on that in a later post), but for today, I will focus on where we are: summer. Let’s celebrate the interestingness of sunny season (I promise this was in a thesaurus as a synonym for ‘summer’).

1] L’Ex de ma vie (The Ex of my Life): The first movie I am looking forward to in ages.

This is one of the first movies I have been interested in seeing in a while.

A young violinist has been separated from her husband (a charming Italian) for two years, and the orchestra chief proposes to her (except she is married). She decides to find her husband and set up a divorce in the next eight days. Her husband makes a trip for them, so they can have a honeymoon style trip before the divorce goes through. Things don’t proceed the way she had in mind… While divorce is a painful topic, it seems the film takes a terrible reality in the lives of many and adds a sprinkle of humor and a dash of miracle, to give us a love story that is unlike any other. A love story that may inspire some of us, to believe a little more and have a little more faith.

2] Tal’s new single, Marcher au Soleil

3] There is an intriguing place in TriBeCa called “Aire: Ancient Baths“. Looks super interesting. Who knew wellness could be so expensive but fascinating?

4] It’s that time…
We aren’t even done with interning and school, but it’s time for the… JOB SEARCH.

Dear Summer,

Despite your tragedies (world conflicts), your shortcomings (the kale), your dangers (cyclists) and the pressure (job search), keep being good to us, and keep us fabulous. Keep us alive.

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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