This Month’s Picks: August 2014

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By: Gabriela Yareliz

This month took forever. I have been drafting this post for so long, I was surprised to see some of my “picks” (it feels like I found them ages ago). August is one of those get-up-to-speed months. A month of warmth and cooling temperatures. One of the last green months. A month of deadlines. A month filled with back-to-(elementary)school nostalgia. A month filled with paradoxes.

Here is some insight as to what graduating students have been thinking about this month:

a) Moving.

As we fill out job applications, we can’t help but think of those decisions that will be changing our lives. For those of us who have moved a lot, there are always some moves in our memory that make our world stop; moves that changed our lives.

b) We are channeling the 90s.

I’d say the 90s were the golden age–especially of television. Some of the best, good, clean, comedies came out and played through the 90s. Suddenly, some TV shows are coming back in different forms, spinoffs and imitations. TV is trying to find its way back to the years that saw its biggest success.

Rumor has it Full House is coming back. I hope that includes Uncle Jesse.

Radar Online Photo


Boy Meets World came back as Girl Meets World. Cory and Topanga have kids!

The Cosby Show is the said inspiration for this fall’s new ABC comedy: Blackish

Home Improvement seems to have been the inspiration for Last Man Standing, where Tim Allen has a house full of girls instead of boys. Jonathan Taylor Thomas made a guest appearance. He is still gorgeous as ever.

 c) Staying healthy.

Maybe it’s a generational thing or just a sign of the times, but I think as more technology, education, money and work consumes us, we sleep less and take less care of our bodies. Rest is so essential.

So, it has been a long but great month. Let the inspiration and recap begin.

“I can’t give you an address to reply to this, for I don’t know personally where I may find myself dragged next, or by what routes, on the way to where, or why, or how!” Arthur Rimbaud, Letter from Aden, 5 May 1884


“I’m a bumper car. You hit the wall, you just turn around and take a different road. You just have to press the gas when you believe in something and go.” Essie Weingarten

2] From L’Oreal’s #whatinspiresyou

3] The Man Repeller Blog always has some funny posts:

This one is just as funny and real as the rest.


5] Condolences to the family of Robin Williams.
This opinion piece about reporting the truth in journalism (regarding the death of the comedian) caught my eye.
Click here to read.


Photo courtesy of Antena3 (Spain)

Fatima, the 11-month-old child who stole the hearts of Spaniards and is the new symbol of immigration. She was found on a boat alone; her parents are in Morocco. The International Red Cross has been taking care of her.

7] Tim Taylor and Wilson’s conversations make me smile. Forever a 90s Michigan child.



When a man is wrapped up in himself, he makes a very small package.” – John Ruskin, English artist and art critic


Kourtney Kardashian shares a bit of her “green” life.

10] Words from Josie Maran, The Argan Oil Queen

Josie Maran told Into The Gloss: “I can tell the difference when I walk through the world with no makeup on and when I walk through with high heels and fully done face. The attention is different. When you’re done up, people start talking to you and pointing you out. But without it all, you can be just as confident and naturally pretty—people will notice you, but they won’t say anything about it.”

11] Mimi Ikonn–Change your look, Change your life

12] Song of the month:

Philip Phillips: “Unpack Your Heart”


Francois Hollande did WHAT? Yes, he dissolved the French government.

For more about how the entire government resigned, click here.

 14] Ariadne Artiles’ eyebrows

Ariadne Artiles



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