Reflections Before Bedtime #5

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Soon, 2015 will be getting “real” as far as work and grind is concerned. I have been at home reading, storing up sanity and peace for what is to come, and meditating on life (nerdy– I know). I have been listening to people’s plans for this new year. I have been thinking about my own hopes, plans, and not only that, but also the real and difficult changes I want to make in my life.

It has been rainy and chilly. I go on morning adventures with my doggy friend and camera through the acres around us. As I take photos of different things, I am reminded of how I need to refocus the camera and make adjustments to capture what is in front of me just the way I want to get it.

Life is very much like that. It takes a lot of refocusing and perspective. I have had so many thoughts cross my mind recently, like: how I will need to take some leaps of faith to end up where I want to be post-graduation, even if it is not what I had originally envisioned; I never want to date a guy who would command me to type his fellowship applications on a date when my arm is freshly broken, and I have only one functioning hand in pain (I am looking at you Stephen Hawking; apparently, I am still suffering for Jane Hawking after reading her experiences. Why Hawking, why?!); I need to be open to some things for some things to actually happen; I should be less stubborn; I need to learn to pronounce some things in English like everyone else does; I need to be more positive; I need to study my Bible more… there is a lot that needs work, but I am willing to weed the garden and not let some blossoms choke.

Some plans have changed, new hopes have emerged, and things that I once hoped wouldn’t happen are now a reality I am actually happy with (ironic). Sometimes, God has to allow us to break to get us where He wants us, where it is best, and where we can serve with humility and grow without pretense.

One thing continues to be a theme: I keep seeing the impossible become possible (reminds me of that Mandela quote).

This year is going to be exciting, tough, uncomfortable, unique, and there will be sacrifices, but it is going to be AMAZING. 2014 brought me unexpected gifts and surprises, I need to enjoy them and open my heart to what 2015 will give me. This time, with no reservations.

I am grateful for every day that I get to try to grow and improve my severely flawed self, for every day God’s will unfolds in my life, for every day I give and receive what money can’t buy, for every day a dream comes true and a new one is born.

/In this place that has no name,
I can’t remember why I came;
Then I hear you whisper low,
One more mile to Jericho/

/Nothing is ever what it seems,
When you live inside your dreams;
The walls will tumble/

Jericho, Hilary Duff

[Image from Tumblr]

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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