Autumnal Asks


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Because tomorrow is the first day of fall– let’s celebrate!

autumnal asks
lantern – how did you meet your best friend? What were your first impressions of each other?

I met her in high school. We were total opposites. She was always talking in class, and I was the quiet one in the front row of our freshman English class. She doesn’t remember this, but she didn’t like my lunch box.

frost – if you could give some advice to your younger self, what would you say?

Relax. Things are going to end up being beyond your wildest dreams.

maple – is there a hobby / skill that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?

I wish I could dance like a professional.

harvest – what fictional character do you most identify with? Why?

Sira, from El Tiempo Entre Costuras. She is brave, she experienced loss, and she fought for everything she got. In the end, she lives an adventurous life that is beyond anything she could have planned for herself.

fireside – if you had your dream wardrobe, what would it look like?

Probably Caroline de Maigret’s closet.


cider – a food that you disliked as a child but now enjoy?


amber – share an unpopular opinion that you may have.

We aren’t meant to keep in touch with every face we have ever met. Facebook sucks.

fog – next book you will read?

Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone

jack-o-lantern – if you could look like any celebrity, who would you choose?

I like the way I look. I would like to age as well as Monica Bellucci. She is 52 and looking like a queen.


spice – a brand or two you are excited to try?

Glossier and Rouje

orchard – share one thing that you’d like to happen this autumn.

A stroll through fall foliage.

crow – which school subject do you wish you had an aptitude for?

No more school. I do wish I would have had a better grade in Criminal Procedure in law school.

bonfire – describe your dream house.

I don’t know. It should have a balcony or terrace where we can enjoy the outdoors. I want it to be clutter free. Simple. Filled with plants, light and life. Filled with love.

cinnamon – if you had to live in a time period different than the present, which would you choose and where?

England during Jane Austen’s time.

cobweb – (if you’ve graduated) do you miss high school?

Nope. They were nice times, though.

cranberry – what’s one physical feature that you get complimented on?

My eyes.

maize – share the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a stranger on the street.

A stranger once told me I had Natalie Wood’s eyes. We were outside of the Empire State Building.

quilt – how do you take your tea (or coffee)? Plain tea. No sweetener.

pumpkin – do you think that humans are inherently good or bad?

We are sinful creatures, but we were made for another, better world.

moonlit – are you a neat or messy person? Is your room / house orderly?

I am normal. My home is pretty clean. I enjoy cleaning. If there is stuff out of place, it is usually clothes or shoes.

flannel – have you ever gone on a bad date?

Yes. I went on one that felt like a job interview.

cocoa – something you would like to learn to make.

A pie.

ghost – autumn motto?

“Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”

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