Referendum: Kurdistan


September 25, 2017, referendum.

I support a free Kurdistan. Wishing the best for our Kurdish brothers and sisters. May you vote with your hearts, for a brighter tomorrow.

What Being Kurdish Means to Me,” by Sazan Hendrix

“So you see, this referendum is more than just a vote for yes or no. My vote will be dedicated to the head of our family, my Grandfather Siyamand, who sacrificed his own life for Kurdistan, for the moment we are standing in front of right now. His blood along with the blood of so many has been spilled for far too long. This vote is for all of the families who have had to say goodbye to members of their own, the ones who sacrificed their existence for the safety and existence of Kurds and Kurdistan. I vote BALE (yes) for them.” Sazan


[Image from (linked above)]

May you be sovereign; may your people dance in the streets; may you be FREE.


[First and last image are @hellyluv]

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