Eddie Garcia: The Producer

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Via Instagram @producereddie

Today, our Hispanic Heritage feature is Eddie Garcia, or as he is more widely known— Producer Eddie. Producer Eddie is the video producer and one of several radio personalities on the nationally syndicated morning radio show, The Bobby Bones Show (my personal favorite). Mr. Garcia makes up one half of the comedy music band The Raging Idiots with Bobby Bones; he is part of a radio show spinoff podcast called The Sore Losers; he is a husband and father of four (two are foster children); he always wins the radio games; he is a music buff; and he brings us an occasional Spanish word of the day.

Eddie is one of my favorite personalities on the show. He always seems so down-to-earth, and his love for his family and advocacy for being a foster parent always shines through. I have never met him in person, but he is a part of a show that brightens the days of many, and his positivity, joy and family values are something to be celebrated.

On the show, Bobby calls him the “Hispanic who don’t panic.” He is our favorite Mexican.

Eddie Garcia is an orgullo hispano.

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