The List

By: Gabriela Yareliz

I am staring at my phone. I can see my Whole Foods delivery person on the map. They are supposedly here. Right here. And yet– no buzzer. No groceries. I think he/she is taking a break downstairs. As I wait, I continue to think of my cleaning list. I am trying to take a bit of the burden off of Fridays by cleaning on Thursdays, instead. I am thinking of what podcast I will play and the fact that I am proud of myself for taking down recycling yesterday.

My house has become a dust bowl. Am I shedding an abnormal amount of skin? What is normal? Or am I just home more to notice it everywhere? I find a strange satisfaction in cleaning the bathroom. It never sparkles though because the NY tile is so old and dull that nothing makes it shine. This plunges my inner Monica Geller into a slight depressive state. It’s never the 100% satisfaction, you know what I mean? The back of my entryway mirror is popping out (don’t ask) and my desk always feels small and cluttered. I am brainstorming to find a way to fix this.

Still no grocery delivery. They have until 6 PM. Not sure why now they appear to be by fast food tacos. I mean, can I blame him/her? No.

After I clean the front of the apartment, I will Swiffer the part of the floor sort of behind the headboard. An often forgotten spot. I will destroy the new spider webs on the blinds and tackle the kitchen whose cabinet cracks act like the wrinkles that reveal age.

Something finally off of my list: I ordered a shoe grid shelf that I have had my eye on for the longest– I wasn’t the only one, as it was sold out. I was on a waiting list. Not joking. I finally got in. I am determined to keep shaping my space into something uncluttered. (Last week, I did closets and certain corners). The list never ends, and yet, my inner Marie Kondo is delighted. Look who’s back on the map– my delivery.

Off I go, to tackle the ever evolving list. How do you clean?

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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