Women’s Month: Berta Cáceres

By: Gabriela Yareliz Today, we mourn the assassination of a great indigenous rights and environmental rights champion and activist, Berta Cáceres. She is known for her tireless work to bring awareness to important issues. She was co-founder of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations in Honduras and the 2015 winner of the GoldmanContinue reading “Women’s Month: Berta Cáceres”

UF Hall of Fame 2013: Jose “Beto” Soto

Photo from: http://ufgau.org If there is anyone I can think of who deserves to be in a hall of fame, it is my good friend Beto. This is a congratulations to my amazing friend. The most fiery, zealous, compassionate and hard working activist I have ever met in my life. I first saw Jose “Beto”Continue reading “UF Hall of Fame 2013: Jose “Beto” Soto”