By: Gabriela Yareliz
When you look up a comedian, musician or entertainer, often times, something that pops up are influences. Those who they grew up watching or listening to, who greatly influenced them as a person.

So, other than Jesus, my mother and the influence of family, like grandmothers, I was thinking who in the public eye, who is a woman, influenced me while growing up. These were women (there are men too, but I wanted to focus on women) that I admired a lot other than my mother. There is something about each one that is memorable from my childhood. And as you can tell, I am Latina; I had a very rooted upbringing and I am grateful for that.

1] My mother- woman of faith, independent, intelligent, real.

2] Michelle Kwan- for being a champion and her discipline

“You can train your hardest, you can try your best and have no regrets — and still not get what you want. That’s a hard lesson to learn in front of millions of people.”
— Michelle Kwan on missing out on the Olympic gold

3] Selena- because even though her life was cut short, her songs and spirit lived on.

4] The Little Princess, Sarah- she suffered loss, and knew that being a real princess was about your heart.

5] Angelica Vale- she is an amazing actress, comedian and imitator. Never afraid to be funny or not look fabulous.

6] Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen- fashionistas who travel, hilarious, boy crazy-what is not to love?

7] Thalia- her enchanting stories circled the globe and her songs endure.

8] Hilary Duff- scandal-free Lizzie Mcguire saw us through our most awkward moments and reminded us what dreams are made of.

9] Adamari Lopez- THAT is an actress. Cancer survivor and fellow Puerto Rican.

10] Mandy Moore-fearless. I know all of her songs by heart, and cut my hair in a pixie after watching How to Deal in junior high.

11] Anne Hathaway- had a wholesome image and showed it was okay to be different. To me, she will always be Princess Mia.

12] Nicole Richie-rebellious, hilarious, bad girl gone good. Cleaned up. Big sunglasses; “that’s hott.”

13] Amanda Bynes: Funny is awesome.
14] The Sisterhood-Friendship despite distance, through love, heartbreak, loss and change. Because they are just like us.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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