Be the Baker

“Every day you have to just go make the bread. You know, you are like a baker or something. You know, every day– just get up, and go do it. And sometimes, you don’t have the answers right now, but in doing it, you will find your answers, [and] your way.” Garance Doré

In French literature (and in French towns, still), one of the most important figures in the community is the baker. Marcel Pagnol’s books and plays about life on the French countryside often revolved around or included at least on scene of drama at the town bakery. He even has a movie he wrote the screenplay to called The Baker’s Wife (La Femme du Boulanger). The idea is that “food is the life of the community”…not far from the truth. Bakers are always there, day in and day out. Everyone knows them, and they are essential. They are diligent, and while what they do may seem monotonous and taken for granted, if they are absent, everyone feels it.

In life, we have to be bakers. Every day, as Garance Doré said, we need to show up, and do our job. We may not understand what or why, but every path that crosses ours and every choice matters. Be like a baker who is patient, who sees each face that stops by and serves and listens to the individual who comes. When the baker sells a loaf of bread, he hands over his art, his time, his love. Be like the town baker who gives you an extra chocolate croissant and winks. Bakers are trying their hand at new little creations, pushing the limits and inviting others to curiosity and something deliciously different.

It’s time to dust the flour, line up the ingredients, roll up the sleeves and start kneading for answers, for art, for the people.

-Gabriela Yareliz

Drawing of the baker by Fran Slade.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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