A letter for a confused, frustrated and sad soul

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Dear confused, frustrated and sad one,

For the person who feels no true joy, I am writing to you. There are people around you who love you. There is at least one; one who would do anything for you to feel valued, worthy, precious and happy. Sometimes the path is dark. We are all human. The path is twisted, unexpected and strange. We end up feeling perplexed and desiring a feeling of relief; and this feeling of relief, we suppose sometimes, comes from resignation or denial.

How do we find out which way we are going? Truly, we never reach a place in life where we have it all figured out. The whole idea is that as time goes by, however, we learn to trust our Guide more and more.

When we don’t know where else to go, don’t fall where others do. They fall into self-pity, self-loathing and self destruction. When all seems wrong, it is not time to be angry, for we don’t know what tomorrow brings. It is not time to indulge in destructive habits or sedate ourselves as if we are beings that cannot face our own voices or thoughts. There is one who would like to see you destroyed, give him not the satisfaction.

We often want music, or some breathing technique to rescue us from ourselves. We then find ourselves weak. Unable to be social or be any semblance to normal without an aid or crutch to get us by. Some say religion is a crutch, but how is it so if it acts as a mirror and forces us to face ourselves as we really are?

There gets a point where there is nothing else anyone can say to us– we must simply believe it ourselves. Believe what? We must believe what rests at the bottom layer of our hearts, where all things with certainty lie. Believe that in the end that it will all be okay, and that God works together all things for good for those who love Him.

Life is like walking along a foggy path. Our direction becomes clearer as we go; each time we reach a new point, we see more ahead.

Frustrated soul, be not dismayed. Be at peace; do not be troubled. Do not be afraid. When all seems hopeless and messy, you must keep pressing forward. Is it not after death and sleep that spring comes? Is it not after sleep and what seems like death that the butterfly breaks through?

Do not be sad. There are many who sit in hospital beds who wish to be us. Do not depend on a person or place for happiness. Be happy first, with yourself. Do not expect the worst and hope for the best, for no such thing exists. Hope for the best, and expect miracles.

Be sure of God’s omnipotence. He is Creator of all and holds all in His hands.

When we feel we have come to our worst, we must then begin to spend. Spend what? Spend ourselves. Give yourself. Pour yourself out. Give in every opportunity you have. Allow God’s blessings to flow through you to others. Give, give everything you have.

See the grass, how it points up. Symbol of hope. See the sun how is warms and facilitates growth. Symbol of life. Look at the plants and animals, with all of their intricacies, and know that the same designer who fashioned them has fashioned your life.

Place not your happiness on what can be taken away from you; money, success, favor, clothing, beauty–instead place your happiness in One who is not moved. In One who satisfies. The One who is faithful.

Know that nothing is impossible. If you know this, other insecurities and uncertainties will be solved. Speak in faith, until you believe it as the truth it is. Recognize your purpose on this planet is unique and God given. Go after what is worthy, and what makes you feel connected to the divine. Don’t give up on something you will not forgive yourself for letting go of. Let go of what needs to be let go of, so to not lead to misery.

Hope is the last thing to die. Let it not die in you. It can be fed with a spark or tiny seed. Accept every word of love and warmth as a soft wind blowing on the flame to keep it alive. Hold the hand beside you, and do not let go.

Always be joyful for the gift of another day. Surround yourself with those who are honest. Set confusion aside and know you only see a drop in the ocean of the grand scheme of things; send frustration to find peace, and take sadness and replace it with the joy that comes from being loved.

You are loved.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

17 thoughts on “A letter for a confused, frustrated and sad soul

    1. that beautiful en your beautiful…..i need to talk to you about something…..my email (yusufnagib.YN@gmail.com)

  1. although am so sad right now, buh d post make me smile nd believe i cum overcome dis tough time.

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