Iconic Wedding Favorites

As wedding season is in full swing, I thought I would pull together some of my favorite wedding ideas, iconic looks and inspiration.

Wedding Veil

I like traditional and symbolic elements, like the veil worn over the face, pre-ceremony.


Kate Moss

[Photo from Once Wed]

A Church Wedding

There is nothing like starting your union in the house of God. Super old school (used to be the norm). The Royals and Downton Abbey have this on lock.

APTOPIX Britain Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton

The Unconventional Reception

Celebrating in a funky unique way that is memorable, and not having a traditional cake is even cooler. Margherita Missoni had a raspberry tarte, and Laila Gohar had a fig tarte in lieu of the traditional cake.



Margherita Missoni

[Photo from Town and Country Magazine]

Natural Makeup

You should look like yourself, with an extra glow. Airbrush finish not required.


Amal Clooney



Classic elegance.


Kate Middleton

Unadulterated Joy

She is a queen at NGAF. She had garlic cloves dangling from her ears. She couldn’t wait to get married, and that was her makeup that day– JOY. #inspiration


Laila Gohar

[Photo by @Polidano]

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