Growing up

What a Friday.
I have been outlining like a beast.
It has been a nice birthday celebration week. (I know, so Puerto Rican of me to celebrate for logner than a day). It is just so weird. All of a sudden, something snaps and you realize– you are no longer Disney Channel material. I am an adult, now actually well into her twenties.

There were those days where you begged for a bra, you dug in the size 0 bin at the mall just to be able to say you bought something from the “Juniors section.” The days when we felt grown up putting acne cream on our foreheads, and watched the teen-bopping novelas. It is so crazy how we grow up.


Things change. We often don’t notice a change in ourselves; we feel the same. But for some reason, it has been moment of epiphany. Maybe law school did it for me. Professors treat you like colleagues, and you attend fancy-shmancy events. You receive honors, and learn to make a real difference in your profession.

Sometimes, we feel like we don’t want to grow up.

I can say one thing, no matter how old we become, we can still hold onto a sweet innocence in our way of living. We can try to make certain that what is really most important in life, remains important.

One thing is sure, God has been so good to me. Growing up has been sweet, and I look forward to God’s blessings and His plan for my life. Thank you God for every experience and opportunity I have gotten the chance to live and learn from.

In for a treat.
-Gabriela Yareliz

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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