This Week’s Picks: May 5, 2013

Hi dears!
The first two exams of the semester are this year. Woo-hoo.
Almost done with 1L! Praise God. God is so good.

Congratulations to the UF graduates:
Felicia (undergrad, off to be a pharmacist!), Harshul (Grad.Engineering), Sam (Grad.Engineering), Yash (Grad.Engineering) & Sydga(Grad.Engineering). I am so proud of you guys!

Go Gators! May God lead you as you continue on in the path He has for your life.

1] Latino branding has gone to far…
An excellent article by Julio Ricardo Varela for NBC Latino

“Any sense of authenticity about the U.S. Latino experience is getting oversaturated with clueless mediocrity. Instead of trying to reflect a new and honest perspective of the bilingual-bicultural individual, we are fast becoming a Barrio Demographic. Instead of being ready for primetime, we get naked Panamanian models resting on large broccoli stalks.”

I completely agree with him. Instead of people knowing who the amazing Latin artist and professionals are, all people know is Pitbull and Sofia Vergara. Don’t get me wrong, Pitbull has talent (yes, even he has talent), but he degrades women. He performs with what looks like a harem of half naked women, and some of his lyrics are just offensive. Vergara, likes to perpetuate the hot Latina, sex-symbol image. When will people realize there is so much more to being Latin?

2] Prayer
“Prayer moves the arm of Omnipotence. Prayer has “subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire.” Christ Object Lessons, pp. 171, 172.

3] from #Wheninlawschool tumblr

While studying for exams:
One minute-

The next-

4] Song of the week- the lyrics aren’t particularly something I identify with but I love, love Zero Assoluto and the melody has been stuck in my head after letting Scusa ma ti voglio sposare play while doing my property outline.

5] Movie I wish I could watch instead of studying for exams: Mujeres al Borde de un ataque de nervios

Make each moment count. EAT.PRAY.LOVE.

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