New York: Brooklyn beaches

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Yes, a new addition to my New York series. As summer has come to a close, I went with my Russian dolls to the Manhattan beach (ironically in Brooklyn), we ate at Nargis, an Uzbek place in Brooklyn with an amazing Avocado salad, and then we hit up the fruit market, Brighton Beach boardwalk, the aquarium and Coney Island.

These past few days have been perfection. School started last week for a lot of us, so summer is basically over with the exception of short excursions on the weekends.

Brooklyn is pretty awesome; pretty littered (as is Manhattan), but the fruit is cheaper, there is more diversity and more sunshine.

Manhattan Beach is small, but there is a nice area for tanning, the water is chilly, and at a distance you can see million dollar homes standing in their glorious sunshine. The restrooms are also pretty clean (this is a big deal if you are at a beach in NYC–I was surprised, which is why I think it’s worth mentioning).

For the rest of you lovely people out there: enjoy your vacations. If you are working, don’t forget to dance in a sunshine filled street while the sunshine lasts.

Soon, we’ll be buried in a haze of chilled smog under grey ominous clouds that steel our sunshine.

Today, I went with KK to the Hudson to roast in the UV rays for a bit. Plenty of men in Speedos were laying out (slightly creepy), some women were ironically clad in bikinis but sitting under shady trees. Some ripped dudes were walking their bikes. The Citi bike thing has been a hit here this summer.

New Yorkers are enjoying their last days of loveliness. You, wherever you are, do the same.

A song for dancing in the streets in the last days of summer:


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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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