This Month’s Picks: January 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz The first chapter of 2015 has just closed, and we turn the page. New beginnings; new challenges; new inspiration. I hope that you find a bit of hope, laughs, reflection and fun in this corner of January favorites. 1] Girl Meets World knows the New York struggle. 2] I’ve read a lot ofContinue reading “This Month’s Picks: January 2015”

Reflections Before Bedtime #7

“We might think that God wanted simply obedience to a set of rules: whereas He really wants people of a particular sort.” C. S. Lewis,  Mere Christianity By: Gabriela Yareliz I finished the book of Deuteronomy today. I finished the books of the law. As I continue to journey on through scripture, I am studyingContinue reading “Reflections Before Bedtime #7”

Law of Non-Contradiction

The law of non-contradiction always seems to emerge. The minute you try to disprove it, you use it because of your belief that you are right and the other is wrong. It is strange that those who use the law of non-contradiction to disprove what they don’t like or understand have many contradictions in theirContinue reading “Law of Non-Contradiction”

When the Struggle Gets Real: January 29, 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz Reading through the Old Testament has been such a treat. I am only in the book of Deuteronomy (still sticking to my 90-day challenge), and truly, it’s amazing how the Bible is a fountain in which one can find new things and learn, no matter how many times you have read certainContinue reading “When the Struggle Gets Real: January 29, 2015”

Blizzard Badinage

By: Gabriela Yareliz “What is something married couples and families do not have as much of, compared to college students?” asked my professor. “Friends,” said the kid in front of me. The class whispered some giggles. I started out the day in Family Law. Apparently, being a law student is like working for the postal service;Continue reading “Blizzard Badinage”