By: Gabriela Yareliz

Note: This is in no way a deep or serious discussion; it’s just a braindump.

Is anyone else excited to see who Jane will be marrying in season 2 of ‘Jane the Virgin’? October, come quickly. Reveal to us your mysteries.

While Michael is sweet and close to perfection, everyone saw him lie to Jane. I don’t like that. And even despite the lies and him sleeping with his detective partner (the pretty, drug dealer chick), most people are still #TeamMichael.

I am hoping Jane chooses Rafael… Sure, he was a playboy-cassanova type when Jane had a huge crush on him in high school, but I am a sucker for stories of redemption. I always hope that those monster crushes and incomplete love stories in people’s lives come full circle, even if it comes full circle years later. I hope Jane gets her story with Rafael. Because before Michael, there was Rafael Solano. And now, he is back. #TeamRafael

The YouTube fan vids are on point. This one, is one of my favorites:

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