About your nickel–

Friday Glee: September 18, 2015.
I reread this on the train this morning, again. It needed a repost. It was such a good reminder. I am often the girl asking for the nickel. I am in the process of learning to accept the $20.


From Destiny, by Dr. Tony Evans, pg. 140

“A little girl came to her father one day and said, ‘Daddy, you promised to give me a nickel.’ Her father had promised her. So he reached in his pocket, but he couldn’t find a nickel. Instead, all he had were dollar bills. In fact, the smallest bill he had was a $20.

He said, ‘You’ve been a really good girl lately, so here is a twenty-dollar bill instead.’
The little girl started to cry. ‘But Daddy,’ she said, ‘you promised me a nickel.’
‘But sweetie,’ he replied, ‘this is a whole bunch of nickels.’
Yet because she could not understand, tears streamed down her face.”

This is not to say that only when we are good God gives us good things. No, His grace is always present with us, and His purposes for us are always greater that what we…

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