Monday Inspiration: November 2, 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz

On Sunday, the NYC Marathon sliced my neighborhood in half. I kept wondering how I would make it to the other side. Then, when I needed to cross, the runners were gone and so were the barricades. Isn’t that how we spend most of our time? Worrying about things that will run their course and resolve themselves even before we need to deal with them?

November. Guys, I hope you have your beards and mustaches ready. The month famous for (men’s) lack of shaving is officially here.

It’s a new week. New hopes. Eyes filled with glitter, pure glitter.

October is now octover. It’s gone. What a month. November is a new month filled with promise; thirty days of promise, to be exact.

This month will bring something different to all of us; new beginnings, difficult decisions, endings, continuations, inspiration, more work, rest, love, heartbreak, cold weather and scarves. Lots of scarves. And eggnog. Where the heck are they stashing the eggnog in this city?!

There will be tear-filled eyes, hope-filled eyes, surprised eyes (with arched eyebrows, of course), secretive eyes, humble eyes, grateful eyes, bored eyes– stolen glances. The whole package. Because that is life, right?

No matter what happens or where you go, the key ingredient is determination. Never forget God is in control. He sits on His throne.

November is diabetes awareness month. It’s a chronic illness that affects a disproportionate amount of Hispanics, and I think every time November rolls around, I mention it. So there you have it. It’s important we take care of ourselves.

As usual, here is your Buzzfeed-esque, curated inspiration board of the week. I hope that this week you find something that makes you smile, or something that expands your perspective, or something that triggers a good memory. Or maybe, something that inspires you to future action.

Life, it’s short, so make sure you are living it.

Happy Monday!


“She did not want to move, or to speak. She wanted to rest, to lean, to dream. She felt very tired.” Virginia Woolf, The Years

“Everybody has a home team: It’s the people you call when you get a flat tire or when something terrible happens. It’s the people who, near or far, know everything that’s wrong with you and love you anyways. These are the ones who tell you their secrets, who get themselves a glass of water without asking when they’re at your house. These are the people who cry when you cry. These are your people, your middle-of-the-night, no-matter-what people.”

Bittersweet, Shauna Niequist

“Hold on, dear heart, hold on for the one who will see you, and know you. Who will love you with a love that is familiar; because our hearts have known too many strangers who have tried to call our hearts a pitstop, when it is a home, waiting for someone to find their way to a place that is safe.”

T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25 

“Thankfully, it is God’s grip on me- not my feeble grip on Him- that keeps me safe in the fold of His love.”

Diana Stone, She Reads Truth

“Dear, I realize you’re upset because it seems everything is ending, but when will you realize there will be a beautiful new beginning?”

‘advice given to me by my grandma’ by: (mauulibu)

“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.”

 C.S. Lewis  

“Find my hand in the darkness and if we cannot find the light, we will make our own.” Tyler Knott Gregson

[Images from Tumblr]

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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