Happy Week: January 17, 2016


[Know that your potential in Christ is limitless. When we put Him first, nothing we need will be lacking.]

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Happy week my peoples. Last week was one of high intensity for many. As I was reflecting on this week that is just beginning, my attention was drawn to the story of the taking of Jericho. Here were the people of Israel, a weaker nation by comparison, but they were told they would take the city.

I was reading, and I came across this passage: “They were to become thoroughly impressed with the idea that their strength was not in the wisdom of man, nor in his might, but only in the God of their salvation. They were thus to become accostumed to putting themselves out of the question and relying wholly upon their divine Leader.”

“God will do marvelous things for those who trust in Him. It is because His professed people trust so much to their own wisdom, and do not give the Lord an opportunity to reveal His power in their behalf, that they have no more strength. He will help His believing children in every emergency if they will place their confidence in Him and implicity obey Him.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 4, pg. 163, EGW.

I pray that this week, you are able to face your Jericho with faith. The army of Israel was to be suited up in armor for war, but all the men needed to do was walk in obedience and let the Lord fight for them. They only needed to believe. Let us wear the armor for spiritual warfare, Ephesians 6:10-18, and simply believe. The walls will come tumbling down.

Go out and conquer.


“I have never had clarity; what I have always had is trust.” Mother Teresa


“Quotes are like little keepsakes from books I’ve read, people I’ve met, stories I’ve heard. I carry around these quotes because they make me feel a certain way or think a certain way. They are my own collection of words. I want to hang them up on all my walls like paintings. Because just as the artist sees the beauty in art I see the beauty in words.” (via amiramania)


“May you dream of lovely things. And awake to find them real.” Lullaby, JJ Heller


“Something will grow from all you are going through. And it will be you.” (via thursdays-at-the-coffeeshop)


“Such matchless love [the love of Christ], such infinite sacrifice, claims our strictest obedience, our holiest love, our unbound faith.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 4, EGW


“In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul.” Psalms‬ ‭138:3


When the 12 spies were sent to the land of Canaan, most came back with a defeated report. All they saw was impossibility. “As the people listened to the report, they gave vent to their disappointment in bitter reproaches and wailing. They did not wait to reflect and reason that God, who has brought them out this far, would certainly give them the land. They left God out of the question. They acted as though in taking the city of Jericho, the key to the land of Canaan, they must depend solely on the power of arms. God had declared that He would give them the country, and they should have fully trusted Him to fulfill His word.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 4, pg. 148, EGW.


“To love with the love of Jesus is to seek others, and not simply to wait around for them to find their way to us.”

T.M. Moore


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Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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