Friday Glee: August 12, 2016


[Image from The Daily Mail]

By: Gabriela Yareliz

The heat advisory is on. It’s hot, muggy and rain + thunder are looming over our entire weekend, in NYC.

Back-to-school vibes are everywhere. The week has me wiped out. My brain is so dead. This week, I managed to lose a bra. Well, I guess the better word would be “misplaced.” You know you are tired when you can’t find your own article of clothing in your almost empty studio, FOR A WEEK.

I saw a man sitting on the edge of the subway platform, his feet swinging, almost touching the tracks below (tall man). The rest of us were melting like idiots on the platform; on the verge of some kind of heat stroke that would make us pass out and fall onto the tracks. I was hot and sticky, except I was delighted to have solved the mystery of the missing bra, this week. In other interesting, non-election, non-Olympic news this week, Shawn Hunter (of Boy Meets World fame) is going to be getting married in this weekend’s episode of Girl Meets World. (For all of you twenty years olds who care). Also, a new IKEA catalog arrived, and my tired brain is reading it like a Dickens novel (and getting recipe ideas, of course, because in my mind I am some beginner chef).

Yesterday, a man in a bagel shop was asking me why I was there because I don’t look like someone who eats bagels. He was right. Bread makes my skin break out, but I told him I was on a mission to gain weight. He told me not to, because not everyone is meant to be cuerpona; and he then proceeded to give me his name, work address and age. I was stunned and skeptical, laughing internally at this guy flirting with me at a bagel shop, when I was wearing my glasses that day (very Charlotte York). I ran away quickly with my confirmation of an acne-filled weekend, completely weirded out.


[It wasn’t even a date. I didn’t wash my hair and I wore my glasses- Charlotte York]

The trains were packed, today. I was reminded of my friend T, who was explaining to us that she felt she was in a relationship with a stranger on the train. She told us, “We were face to face, belly to belly, from 59th to 86th street on the train. We should at least be dating by now.”

It’s disgustingly hot. So much so, I went to work in printed pants and ended up feeling like I was wearing soaked pajamas. It’s very hard to look put together in extreme heat– unless you are Amal Clooney… She always looks amazing.

I really enjoyed this video on clothes as second skin– an interesting social experiment where two very different strangers swap clothes for a day…

Clothes, they impact how we feel and how we are perceived…

I am going to rest a bit more before prepping for Sabbath. Blow drying my hair is going to be death. Stay cool, my people.

These are the days New Yorkers shower with the bathroom door open. A warm shower in a small bathroom with no windows or ventilation? FUGETABOUTIT.

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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