Heavenly Interviews

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Those of you who have been reading for years may remember my journalism studies days. (An old  comical blog post is linked for your enjoyment). I would wander around trying to find a quiet place to interview people.

One recent Sabbath afternoon, my friends and I were talking about what heaven would be like and what we would want to do in a place that was perfect, where we would be perfect, too. I decided I would want to be the Diane Sawyer of heaven, and I jokingly started saying some things I would ask different people from scripture. Here are some of my questions, below. The name in front of the question is who the question is addressed to.

What would you ask? I am sure you have some questions of your own…

Questions for People in the Bible in Heaven:

Moses: Do you stay away from rocks now?

Jacob: So explain to me this Leah situation…

Martha: Did you ever feel like leaving people dinnerless?

Lot: Did you ever see your wife as a salt pillar (assuming no one could look back)?

Isaac: What were your thoughts when you saw your father pull out the knife?

Eve: Did it ever occur to you that a talking snake was weird?

Joseph: What was it like when you saw your brothers again?

Noah: Do you get sea sick?
Follow-up to Noah: How did you handle the animal smell in the ark?

Paul: What was your favorite place you traveled to?
Follow-up: Favorite travel buddy? (Obviously not Mark)

Stephen: Are you surprised to see anyone here?

David: So… How many wives did you have exactly?

Solomon: Who did you write Song of Solomon about?

Lazarus: What was it like to be BFFs with Jesus?
Follow-up: How did you feel when you were dying a second time (post-resurrection)?

Nicodemus: What was your being “born again” experience like?

Mary (sister of Lazarus): Where did you find all the mourners for Lazarus’ funeral?

Peter: What did it feel like to walk on water?

Samuel: Why were you a bad parent like Eli, the priest who raised you?

Zipporah: What was it like to become the unofficial First Lady of a refugee nation?

Hannah: How many little tunics did you make for Samuel?

Aaron: A golden calf? What were you thinking and did you know that would end badly?

Benjamin: Why did your descendants end up being so evil? (See book of Judges)

Mary: So what is it like to give birth when you are a virgin?

Samson: Your biggest regret?

Daniel: Which empire did you enjoy more? (Babylon or Medo-Persia)
Follow-up: Did you name any of the lions in the lions den?

Ruth: How did you feel when Boaz told you he knew you were a wonderful woman?

Esther: What was your reasoning in inviting the king to multiple dinners with your worst enemy (Haman)?

Jeremiah: Please, do share something good that happened in your life. Anything. A happy memory?
Follow-up: Do you like doing pottery in your spare time?

Job: Did you stay friends with those jerks who would lecture you?
Follow-up: Are they here?

Elijah: What was the scariest thing about Jezebel?

Hosea: What are your thoughts on marriage?

Isaiah: What is your favorite messianic prophecy that was later fulfilled?

Timothy: What is it like to be circumcised as an adult to find acceptance?

John: Is heaven everything or more than what you saw in vision at Patmos?

John the Baptist: Did you ever brush your hair?

Sarah (Abraham’s wife): Did you ever use the expression “laugh out loud”?
Follow-up: Did you almost kill Abraham when you found out he almost sacrificed your son?

Zacchaeus: How tall are you, now?

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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