Turtlenecks, Snow Globes, and Other Sources of Magic


By: Gabriela Yareliz

The bridge is glittering outside. The city is falling asleep. I closed my window and watered my plants. And here is some randomness for the night.


[Amal Clooney, Yahoo! News]

  1. Turtlenecks 

Turtlenecks. I grew up wearing them. My whole family wore them during my childhood in Michigan. Mine came in every color and in different little patterns. I hated them. Now, I love them. I just got an email telling me my little order of turtlenecks is on its way.

Nothing says autumn or winter like a good turtleneck. They are easy and go well on their own or underneath another piece.

Turtlenecks also remind us of great times. Like the 90s.


[Image from Tumblr]

2. Snow Globes


I was given a beautiful snow globe frame with me inside (a photo of me). It reminded me that the world outside of my little sphere is so big. It also reminded me that it’s when things are unsettled and shaken up, that we can dance in the glitter.

3. James Blunt

Autumn is romantic. His voice fills every season, but it’s particularly perfect when it’s romantically autumn…

You shine even on a rainy day /

And I can find your halo /

Guides me to wherever you fall

4. #SpiritAnimals

I saw a cute post by someone, where they had to list three characters from books, TV or movies that they felt they identified with. Who are your three?

Mine are:

a. Riley Matthews (Girl Meets World)


Riley Matthews is my spirit animal. #Always



[Via Tumblr]

b. Mia Thermopolis (The Princess Diaries)


c. Nora Dominguez  (“From Prada to Nada”; a spin off of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility)


5. autumn

This weather gives me life.

It’s always extraordinary to see how beauty can come out of even what seems like the end. And the best part is, we know it’s not the end.


[via Tumblr]

6. Love


tumblr_of1x1ddby81sqkw3to6_250         tumblr_odjobavkth1skocj6o8_r1_250


[via Tumblr]

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