This Month’s Picks: January 2017

By: Gabriela Yareliz

The month isn’t over, but it has been an eventful month. I thought I would share about all the neat stuff I have discovered recently, and things I am using to help me as I strive to make 2017 a better year than 2016. (None of this is sponsored, I am just sharing the goods).

1] ABC’s Blackish: Lemons (S3 Ep12)

An episode about healing a nation, post-election. It was fair, well-rounded and educational. Most importantly, it came from a  minority voice. It’s about a system that hasn’t helped most minorities regardless of administration or party in power.

“I love this country even though at times, it doesn’t love me back. For my whole life, my parents, my grandparents, me, for most black people, this system has never worked for us. But we still played ball. Tried to do our best to live by the rules, even though we knew they would never work out in our favor. Had to live in neighborhoods you wouldn’t drive through; send our kids to schools with books so beat up you couldn’t read them; work jobs that you wouldn’t even consider in your nightmares. Black people wake up every day believing that our lives are gonna change, even though everything around us says it’s not. Truth be told, you ask most black people, and they tell you that no matter who won this election, they didn’t expect the hood to get better, but they still voted because that is what you are supposed to do… I am used to things not going my way, and I am sorry you’re not and that it’s blowing your mind. So excuse me if I get a little offended because I didn’t see all of this outrage when everything was happening to all of my people, since we were stuffed on boats in chains.” Dre

2] Bed Head Superstar Blowdry Lotion

I got in at a super sale at TJ Maxx. I used it to blow dry my hair and got a lot of compliments. For those of you who like the big hair. #ThatShahLife

3] H2O + face OASIS Ultra Hydrator

It was my goal to stop using Proactiv (which worked for me for years, but after my skin changed, it just caused my skin to burn and peel). I needed a new game plan. I wanted something hydrating and not heavy on chemicals. I found this great hydrator that uses marine plants to hydrate and change the skin.

I have been using it for two months now, and my skin looks a lot better. I was inspired by a talk I heard about skin being an organ you can heal and restore. I am a believer.

4] Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Boosting Mist

It was a gift from my brother. It keeps eyeliner from melting and makeup in place, all day.

5] Welleco Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens

I was looking for a supplement that had a power pack of iron and other nutrients.

I heard about Welleco on my way to a doctor’s visit (one of the many, this month) on Garance Dore’s Pardon My French podcast.

6] Series Finale of Girl Meets World

It was everything Boy Meets World fans could have hoped for. Because some love stories need to be immortalized.


Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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