Come Walk With Me: El Yunque, Part II

By: Gabriela Yareliz So, we were walking mid-rainforest, getting ready to walk to the last and biggest waterfall, when the downpour started. Typical rainforest rain, I suppose. It would not let up. The stone steps that lead to the waterfall were slippery. I ended up slipping on one, on the way back. I have aContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: El Yunque, Part II”

Come Walk With Me: El Yunque

(A view from the top of the tower, below) Hiking in the rainforest is not something you do every day. The whole family came dressed for adventure, and oddly not for rain (except for Ignacio, who busted out an umbrella, from his pocket). These are some snaps, pre-downpour. It’s an enchanting forest, filled with plenty of littleContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: El Yunque”