That Kind of Love

It’s amazing to find that love that makes you feel safe.

You know– that love where you know everything will be okay because you have this incredible force of love and strength in your life.

A love that is enduring through time, where years later, while you just sit there and talk, you can smile at each other and just know.

A love that binds two completely different people into something strong and unbreakable, for which no words exist.

A love where you can be so honest. A love you don’t let go of. A love you are crazy about.

A love that makes your heart swell. A love of silent understandings. A love that accepts your quirks, and who finds your nerdy weirdness endearing.

A love that starts in friendship and expands because you know you have found most amazing person you have ever met.

A love that can’t be escaped. A love that is there to rescue you and help you fix whatever needs fixing.

A love that laughs at your wacky dance. A love that helps you see the stars you never noticed.

A love that carries you when you are in pain. A love that keeps your little notes and drawings; a love that believes in your dreams more than you. A love that makes your life a garden.

A love you believe in without question. A love you never want to see a day without. A love that can block out life’s loudest noise and helps you find rest.

A love that is a home. A love that makes you better because you know that person deserves the best.

A love that changes your life. A love unmatched. A love that imparts life.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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