Il faut oser!

Photo belongs to artist Audrey Leighton, who often shares her art through @audrey.leighton.vintage

By: Gabriela Yareliz

We tend to tiptoe around things. If we don’t stomp or get all trippy, there’s less of a chance we will trip in our rubber sandals and smash our toes against the floor (true story). If we don’t wear the lipstick under the mask, we won’t get it all over our teeth, and if we don’t wear the glitter on our eyes, we don’t have pixie dust on our cheeks. We don’t like winds that rock the boats we sit in because no one needs it to flip. Or do we?

In one of my favorite competition shows, Les Reines du Shopping, five women compete in a styling-shopping match, as they try to outdo one another with their choices for a theme that is imposed on them by the master stylist and mannequin [model], Cristina Cordula.

The last competition I saw was one where they had to include a piece of lingerie in their outfit with elegance and nuance. It was fun to watch. It’s certainly harder than it looks. The competitors who scored poorly were because of two factors: they either got cheap in their selection or they didn’t dare. “One needs to dare” was a common theme throughout the week. Il faut oser!


  1. to have the courage to do something;
  2. to defy or challenge someone to do something;
  3. take the risk; brave.

Daring takes risk. The whole scheme may fall flat on its face, and you may look stupid (like me, with lipstick on my teeth). Today, I was reminded of a certain situation where several of us chose to keep someone accountable. It was going to be a grueling process of retelling uncomforatable experiences and remembering things we would all much rather forget than remember. We faced retaliation and attitude.

Sometimes, our thought process is, Why bother? Nothing will come of it. But what if something does? We don’t always get what we want or think the situation merits, but we can be a part of change, even if it’s small. What many of us fail to realize is change comes at high cost– one few are willing to pay. We’re mousy, these days. We don’t like what change costs– we get cheap (this is how you lose, remember?). Further, at times, it’s not even fear but resignation that paralyzes us; resignation that things will continue as they have always been– or worse, we fear that no one cares.

There are victories to be won in daring. Perhaps they are small or seemingly insignificant to others, but that’s the thing about daring– it’s not about the other contestants in this game show of life. It’s about whether you are in it to win it. Don’t be cheap, and remember, il faut oser!

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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