By: Gabriela Yareliz 25 Things at 25 1. Christian 2. Daughter 3. Sister 4. Friend 5. Advocate 6. Writer 7. Explorer 8. Photographer 9. Scholar 10. Polyglot 11. Doctor 12. Boxer 13. Shah 14. Walker 15. Blogger 16. Fairy Godmother 17. Eyelash Aficionada 18. Leader 19. Radio Junkie 20. Magazine Collector 21. Reporter 22. BindaasContinue reading “25”

Wednesday Badinage: February 3, 2016

[Photo by Tom Williamson; Getty] By: Gabriela Yareliz Happy 38th birthday to Amal Clooney! May she continue being a boss for many years to come. She has proven to the world that there is a unique type of woman who doesn’t settle and isn’t superficial. This woman is successful, feminine, intelligent, caring, assertive, bold, stylish,Continue reading “Wednesday Badinage: February 3, 2016”

Happy Birthday Akash!

Akash, you are one of the most uniquely hilarious people I have ever met. High school wouldn’t have been high school without you.  It was awesome sitting next to this smart, funny guy throughout high school. He always made me laugh. He is caring, hilarious and generous. Dear Mort, this one goes out to you. *wink*Continue reading “Happy Birthday Akash!”

Happy Birthday Sugetha!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGETHA! What can I say? You and Srinivas have been such a blessing to my life. You have the most amazing heart. Gold, pure gold. We rarely come across people as thoughtful as you in life; never lose that. When the weather is bad, when I feel sad (and many times you didn’t know),Continue reading “Happy Birthday Sugetha!”