Class of 2009

By: Gabriela Yareliz As the graduates of 2020 celebrate, I was reminded of high school. We should never stop celebrating how far we have come and never stop dreaming of where we want to go. Our unofficial 2009 graduation song is here. May we always live our life— stop chasing the paper and nevermind theContinue reading “Class of 2009”

Studio Update 6

By: Gabriela Yareliz I have been following the situation in Italy pretty closely. I watch little Italian news clips, and I watch some of my favorite quarantined Italian celebrities’ videos, thanks to Instagram stories and the live feature. Today, while I was listening to a video, I realized that I understood every word in Italian.Continue reading “Studio Update 6”

Monday Inspiration: January 18, 2016

[Image from Pinterest] By: Gabriela Yareliz Feliz just broke the news to me… High School Musical 10-year reunion!! This is gold for those of us who were in high school with the Wildcats. It’s the trilogy that helped people pronounce my name (the lead character is Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Hudgens). It’s the trilogyContinue reading “Monday Inspiration: January 18, 2016”

Happy Birthday Akash!

Akash, you are one of the most uniquely hilarious people I have ever met. High school wouldn’t have been high school without you.  It was awesome sitting next to this smart, funny guy throughout high school. He always made me laugh. He is caring, hilarious and generous. Dear Mort, this one goes out to you. *wink*Continue reading “Happy Birthday Akash!”

When I fell in love with William

By: Gabriela Yareliz People leave different things behind after they die. Some leave furniture and clothes; some leave heartache; some leave a life of service; some leave money; some leave anger. After a life of service and love, I think one of the greatest things a person can leave behind are words– words that inspire;Continue reading “When I fell in love with William”

A Scandalous Gabby & Feisty Felicia Playlist I

By: Gabriela Yareliz feat. Feisty Feliz We are best friends but also very different. And yet, through the years we have shared a lot of music. Music becomes a backdrop for life; then, when you look back, it takes you back to those days. So, here is to the days of driving around in Felicia’sContinue reading “A Scandalous Gabby & Feisty Felicia Playlist I”