Studio Update 6

By: Gabriela Yareliz I have been following the situation in Italy pretty closely. I watch little Italian news clips, and I watch some of my favorite quarantined Italian celebrities’ videos, thanks to Instagram stories and the live feature. Today, while I was listening to a video, I realized that I understood every word in Italian.Continue reading “Studio Update 6”

Per Dimenticare

[Per Dimenticare= Italian for: [In Order] to Forget You] By: Gabriela Yareliz It has been a happy set of months, where I have been watching friends’ wedding videos, attending weddings and finding out about new life chapters beginning. It has filled me with so much happiness for those friends; those I love so much. In theContinue reading “Per Dimenticare”

In Other Words

“…avevo bisogno di una lingua differente: una lingua che fosse un luogo di affetto e di riflessione.” —ANTONIO TABUCCHI [Jhumpa Lahiri as featured in the Wall Street Journal] By: Gabriela Yareliz I finished Jhumpa Lahiri’s book, In Other Words. She brought many interesting things to mind. She filled me with the nostalgia of what it’sContinue reading “In Other Words”


Michela Quattrociocche had her second daughter, Diamante, and she turned 26. Che emozione! I remember when Michela wasn’t a mom or even married yet. She is such a beautiful mom and wife. Below are some cute photos of her journey with her second pregnancy from her Instagram @michelaquattrociocche. After the birth of her daughter, she posted,Continue reading “Diamante”

Monica Perfetta

Come si sente da single? <<Molto bene: sono straordinariamente connessa con me stessa. E mi piace anche dare questo messaggio alle mie figlie, per il loro futuro: non è obbligatorio avere un marito o un compagno. La solitudine non deve farci paura.>>  

Le Persone Belle

“Le persone belle sono rare, non si distinguono dal viso ma dall’anima.” “Beautiful people are rare, [they are] not known by face but by the soul.” “Un giorno realizzerai che c’e una ragione per ogni persona che hai incontrato. Qualcuno ti mettera alla prova, qualcun altro ti usera e qualcun altro ti insegnera qualcosa eContinue reading “Le Persone Belle”

Causing Commotion

By: Gabriela Yareliz Some things are simply iconic in our minds. This scene from Malena is an iconic scene that I absolutely adore. This reminds me of what it’s like to walk through New York, sometimes. Oh to be like Malena! A showstopper; Causing Commotion; Making them talk; Making them watch. “Show’s over! She’s gone now!”

Non guardarmi così

By: Gabriela Yareliz Ciao my friends! Sometimes, there are things that make you feel slightly uncomfortable, maybe insecure and a little lost. Oh, the liberty when you set it aside and decide it no longer has your energy and focus! Let go of whatever brings you down or makes you lost, whether it be aContinue reading “Non guardarmi così”