Life Motto: Say what you need to say

By: Gabriela Yareliz Take all of your wasted honor Every little past frustration Take all of your so-called problems, Better put ’em in quotations Say what you need to say [x8] Walking like a one man army Fighting with the shadows in your head Living out the same old moment Knowing you’d be better offContinue reading “Life Motto: Say what you need to say”

Standing in the hall of fame

The Script-Hall of Fame Yeah, You could be the greatest You can be the best You can be the king kong banging on your chest You could beat the world You could beat the war You could talk to God, go banging on his door You can throw your hands up You can be theContinue reading “Standing in the hall of fame”

Every boy and every girl deserves a chance to see this world…

Lyrics by Keegan Smith: Road Trippin’ I got the pedal to the medal My foot through the flow My windows rolled down Music blasting so loud I’m just road trippin’ Rock it out, Road trippin’ (x3) Let the concrete jungle full of pain Replace my struggles with a mountain range From fast pace cars theyContinue reading “Every boy and every girl deserves a chance to see this world…”