Women’s Month: Marion Cotillard

By: Gabriela Yareliz Women’s month is ending, and there are still so many women who inspire me that I want to showcase. Today, I am choosing a woman who has been such an icon for me. She fascinates me because she is so raw. She has that “stunning” factor. And she uses that power toContinue reading “Women’s Month: Marion Cotillard”

Celebrating Women: Queen Rania

By: Gabriela Yareliz Queen Rania of Jordan. Her story of becoming queen is every girl’s dream. Her YouTube channel has reached millions around the world. She is a voice for empowerment in education, health, development, youth and cross-cultural dialogue. She is a mother, recipient of the FIFA 2009 Presidential Award, and she actively works withContinue reading “Celebrating Women: Queen Rania”