Blanca Suarez for Vogue Spain, August 2014

¬† She left us all in suspense in one of her latest¬†blog posts, but we all new something exciting was afoot. “Yo me siento expectante, nerviosa, satisfecha por todo lo que me ha pasado este tiempo. Sin arrepentirme de nada y contenta por haberme dejado sorprender por las cosas y por la vida. Pero loContinue reading “Blanca Suarez for Vogue Spain, August 2014”

Spring & Break

By: Gabriela Yareliz Happy semana santa! It’s the week leading up to Easter. It’s also our only break in the semester. It’s more of a reading week, since exams are days away. It’s a time of reflection, much studying and blessing. It’s a time usually filled with family, pastel colored dresses, chocolate, renewal and life.Continue reading “Spring & Break”