Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

By: Gabriela Yareliz It feels like autumn. It’s like 2020 said it was ready and someone flipped the switch. The temperatures have dropped to crisp cool lows. If only someone could flip a switch and make the neighbor above me shut up. It’s like he thinks he is competing in American Idol every minute ofContinue reading “Hispanic Heritage Month 2020”

Blanca Suarez for Vogue Spain, August 2014

  She left us all in suspense in one of her latest blog posts, but we all new something exciting was afoot. “Yo me siento expectante, nerviosa, satisfecha por todo lo que me ha pasado este tiempo. Sin arrepentirme de nada y contenta por haberme dejado sorprender por las cosas y por la vida. Pero loContinue reading “Blanca Suarez for Vogue Spain, August 2014”