Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

By: Gabriela Yareliz

It feels like autumn. It’s like 2020 said it was ready and someone flipped the switch. The temperatures have dropped to crisp cool lows. If only someone could flip a switch and make the neighbor above me shut up. It’s like he thinks he is competing in American Idol every minute of the day. I can’t imagine sharing a wall with the little singer.

With autumn’s delicious temperatures come some holidays, and for 2020, mask acne and the elections. 2020 has been a beast of a year. It has flipped over our kayak several times. We have found ourselves underwater, gasping for air and trying to reposition ourselves upright. The rapids of 2020 have been real.

I recently heard that Bad Bunny will be doing a live concert with the NYC Latin music station Uforia. Now, say what you want to say about the Bunny— what caught my attention was that the station announced him as the biggest star in the world, right now. And to be honest, I think they are right. It never ceases to amaze me how we Latinos excel in music. It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and I typically include a little series of Hispanic people I celebrate. I am going to be featuring some of my people over the next few days.

One thing I value about my culture that I need to adopt more solidly is the joy in the resilience we have. The world can be falling apart and there is no AC or power, but people will turn up the music and dance.

No matter how hard we cry or how dramatic life gets (and boy does it get dramatic), we love with an inextinguishable hope that burns through us, leaving sparks in our veins.

So, if there is anything we should take from this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, other than the achievements and great contributions of amazing Hispanic people— it’s joy in resilience. Hispanic people— we work hard, we don’t stop, we serve with our hearts, and we believe in one life. We are only going to live this once, so don’t be afraid, and turn up the volume and dance.

I truly believe that it’s not so much music that has been one of our greatest contributions to the world— but collectively, through music, we have given the world joy. And that should be celebrated and recognized. Joy is a true gift that you can carry anywhere and no one (or nothing) can take it away.

Yesterday, I was dancing and having a Carrie Bradshaw moment in my apartment, with wild abandon. I leave you with some of my favorites. TURN. IT. UP.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month. Choose joy.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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