Recipe for life

By: Gabriela Yareliz
Top of the morning to you- we are starting off with randomness today. Good randomness-the best is at the end 😉
Random topics and quotes:

[a] When you are a cashier and customers get nasty with you, there are many ways of revenge. For example, there may be a return slip and if they get rude, instead of having them just fill out their name and number, you make them fill out the entire form, including address, reason for return-everything (grin). I know, God probably looks down on me and shakes his head. My mother thinks He says:
“Here’s gabby taking revenge again-what am I going to do with this creature?” Sad story. This obviously needs to change.

[b] My brother is so cute. The other day he was talking about this pretty little girl in his class and he said, “She likes to write in cursive- we have a lot in common.” Ahh the days when that was all that mattered.

[c] In economics for the online lecture, the director said, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, creeps in this petty place from day to day.” I thought that was great. It’s wonderful when you say it dramatically with a sigh.

[d] My media law professor, who is a genius, but will remain nameless, is hilarious. When talking about copyright infringement with songs he reads a song out loud. The best are when he reads a rap or R&B song out loud in a monotone voice. Do it and you’ll laugh. You will also question the lyrics of what you listen to at times. This a good test.

[e] From the movie No Reservations:
“Kate: I wish there was a cookbook for life, you know? Recipes telling us exactly what to do. I know, I know, you’re gonna say “How else will you learn, Kate.”
Therapist: mm. No, actually I wasn’t going to say that. You want to guess again?
Kate: No, no, go ahead.
Therapist: Well what I was going to say was, you know better than anyone, it’s the recipes that you create yourself that are the best.”

[f] Mark 5:36 “…Be not afraid, only believe.” Jesus said this to a man who just found out his daughter had died (Jairus). When thinking about life and all of its uncertainties, I can’t help but think- Jesus commands me to not be afraid and just believe.
“Faith is believing in what is not seen, and the reward of faith is seeing what we believe in.” -unknown

[g] There is a beautiful song called “I look to you” by the group Selah. This woman talks about how she was broken and how there was only one person she could look at in her darkness.
“As I lay me down,
Heaven hear me now.
I’m lost without a cause
After giving it my all.

Winter storms have come
And darkened my sun.
After all that I’ve been through
Who on earth can I turn to?

I look to you.
I look to you.
After all my strength is gone,
In you I can be strong
I look to you.
I look to you.
And when melodies are gone,
In you I hear a song.
I look to you.”
Check it out:

She has a great testimony.

[h] Isaiah 60:1
“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.”

“Maturity starts with the willingness to give oneself.”
― Elisabeth Elliot, Let Me Be a Woman

[j] “We never know what God has up His sleeve. You never know what might happen; you only know what you have to do now.”
― Elisabeth Elliot

[k] “Expect a miracle”-church board near my house

[l] This past week the moon was stunning. Perfect, round and bright. We can’t forget to pay attention to the small, extraordinary things in our world.

May God bless you, and may your day be filled with sunshine.
Pay attention to what surrounds you, smile at a stranger and ask God to speak to your heart in a special way today!

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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