French election “Presidentielle 2012” campaign videos

By: Gabriela Yareliz

I had to share these campaign videos. I am taking a French politics class and we’ve been keeping tabs on the 10 candidates. Here are some clips of the top, brilliant candidates (they all are in one way or another).

Francois Hollande, the socialist (PS) candidate, came out with a new campaign video and it is ridiculously clever.

Check it out: 48 hours with Francois Hollande (whether his choice of song was wise, I don’t know, but it’s clever).

Sarkozy’s campaign song

A mock song was made with “Pas de justice, pas de paix” by Rumeur’s rap, about the conditions in France for the working class, with Sarko’s music in the background.

Pas de Justice, pas de Paix

A mockery of Sarkozy’s “candidate for the people.” Sarko may have his flaws but as a person I find him fascinating. He is someone I love to watch.

Guignols Candidat du Peuple

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the communist Front de Gauche candidate. He is a well-cultivated individual.

Francois Bayrou, who created his own party MoDem, so he could run.

Marine Le Pen- exteme right candidate, Front National (She can have racist sentiments, I won’t even lie about that). The fact that she is so popular is a bit disturbing.



We’ll see what’ll happen… First round is April 22 (1er tour!!!!)


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