By: Ravi Zacharias-From his talk The lostness of man part 4 of 4 “Man is not just unethical, he is lost and dead. If a man is only lost in guilt, what I have given you is bad news; but he is lost in sin, and our great priviliege is to tell him we have aContinue reading “Lost”

New York: Queens-Jackson Heights (Little India) and Flushing (Chinatown)

By: Gabriela Yareliz On a day with no school, it is time to explore the city. That is exactly what my friend and I did Monday, when we hit the train stations and the streets of Queens to see the ecclectic and ethnic neighborhoods of Jackson Heights and Flushing. Here is a bit of our journeyContinue reading “New York: Queens-Jackson Heights (Little India) and Flushing (Chinatown)”