This Month’s Picks: January

“You had to take risks, follow some paths and abandon others. No one can make a choice without feeling afraid.” Paulo Coelho, Brida

2] Priyanka Chopra for Guess. I am a fan.

But some things, no matter how unlikely, are just supposed to happen. You know what I mean. Some things just smack of the future and feel part of an overarching rightness.
― Marisa de los Santos, Belong to Me

4] Favorite Psalm of the month: Psalm 73
New King James Version (BibleGateway)

23 Nevertheless I am continually with You;
You hold me by my right hand.
24 You will guide me with Your counsel,
And afterward receive me to glory.

25 Whom have I in heaven but You?
And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.
26 My flesh and my heart fail;
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

27 For indeed, those who are far from You shall perish;
You have destroyed all those who desert You for harlotry.
28 But it is good for me to draw near to God;
I have put my trust in the Lord GOD,
That I may declare all Your works.


6] We are back in schooooooool. Reading, less sleep, pages, pages, pages… but we are here because we love it.

7] Francois Hollande: Scandal. Oh, politics.

Stephen Colbert had too much fun with this, but it was clever.

8] Gori Tere Pyaar Mein- a fabulous love story about a social activist [Kareena Kapoor] and a self-absorbed young man [Imran Khan]. As he accepts an arranged marriage to a young woman who is in love with someone else, before the wedding, she forces him to remember the love of his life. He then realizes, it’s never too late to be with who you love and to grow as a person by caring about someone other than himself.

9] My most anticipated film of 2014, so far.

Highway: In bondage, she found freedom.


I am loving the Leila Bekhti Be cover, from 2012.

11] All of Me by John Legend (as shared by Feisty Feliz)


Most attention-grabbing piece: If Trayvon were Pakistani by Micah Zenko (Foreign Policy Editor’s Pick)

“For a president invested in showing leadership by setting the tone for discussions of race at home, he should answer that question directly. He should then announce an end to signature strikes, since nobody should ever be killed based on how they look or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Micah Zenko, If Trayvon were Pakistani


“Love is a gamble. Bet on someone or get out of the race.” Harry, Marry Me (Lifetime movie)

14] Cali y El Dandee: Te Necesito

Oh, that feeling.

/Porque como la luna y el mar

Te necesito como el aire para respirar/

15] El Barco-Antena3 Espana.

Me encanta:

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