The Lottery of Love?

By: Gabriela Yareliz Allow me to build my thesis: There are things that are very important to people when they are looking for a partner. We’ll call them the “nonnegotiable.” Weirdly, some can be amended by a persons choice to change or change of opinion; others are what they are. For example, I know people¬†whoContinue reading “The Lottery of Love?”

/Why then do we not despair?/

Anna Akhmatova’s poem: “Everything is Plundered, Betrayed, Sold” Everything is plundered, betrayed, sold, Death’s great black wing scrapes the air, Misery gnaws to the bone. Why then do we not despair? By day, from the surrounding woods, cherries blow summer into town; at night the deep transparent skies glitter with new galaxies. And the miraculousContinue reading “/Why then do we not despair?/”