Exam Madness Inspiration

By: Gabriela Yareliz

One word: Exams.

Whole Foods had gluten-free pop tarts as buy-one-get-one-free. It also had a sale on Coconut Milk “Nog.” There is true joy in Manhattan.

I also managed to trek in 20-something-degree weather (for my readers outside of the U.S., about -6 C?) for kale. Kale. Kale juice. Kale in all forms. You know? Kale is like potatoes; perfect in every way. Errgghh… I sound like one of those yoga-pant wearing, Soul Cycle obsessed, Turkish bath member, brunching Tribecalites (not too surprising since it was my home this past summer, I suppose). This love affair with kale is real.


Anyway, study hard. Keep sanity. Today, I mentioned the bar exam in conversation, and it felt like my heart stopped. Not good. So, I am trying to think about right now. Just right now. I am trying to keep the positive thoughts flowing. I am almost done. Soon, I will be on the last long vacay of my life (with the exception of maternity leave someday, but that won’t be a vacation). But this moment, right now (as the chair I am sitting in falls apart), I am thinking I will never have a moment like this again. [Sorry for the typos. YOLO.]

“It’s important to read a book, but also to hold the book, to smell the book…its perfume, its incense, it’s the dust of Egypt.”

Ray Bradbury (I am going to try this with my textbooks)

[Those sunglasses.]

“Remember this: You are lovely.
You are tender and passionate
and something that shouldn’t be loved

Karese Burrows

“Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.”

Robert Brault

“Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others light.”

Turkish Proverb

“I think we meet certain people who stir something within us, as if we were born into slumber and now that we have encountered this other soul, we have awoken, dazed and groggy, but finally awake.”

T.B. LaBerge

“Solitude with God repairs the damage done by the fret and noise and clamor of the world.” Oswald Chambers

“The gospel destroys fearfulness because it tells us that nothing we can do will exhaust His love for us.”
Tim Keller


[God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than all that you ask or think.]

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”
Dalai Lama 


“I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose loyalty is stronger than blood.”
Jim Wern 

“If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”


“God sometimes takes us into troubled waters not to drown us, but to cleanse us.”

Kusha Alagband


“Since everything here today might well be gone tomorrow, do you see how essential it is to live a holy life?”
2 Peter 3:11

“And if not, He is still good.” —based on Daniel 3:17-18


[Images from Tumblr]

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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