Stopping and Starting

By: Gabriela Yareliz [This blog was inspired by the person who most inspires my life, my mom. She guides me and inspires me to look at what really matters and to always seek Truth.]

I want to stop being afraid. I want to start living life at another level. It’s easy to see people who have “made it,” but when you are living through the building process of a life/career/future–it’s a painful backstory many don’t see.

Through my Bible readings, and this beautiful book my mom gave me about Women of the Bible (American Bible Society), I keep seeing again and again how God loves to intervene for us, if we let Him.

While the world may operate on paper money, God wants faith to be our currency. He promises it will pay for our needs, every time. I need to keep exchanging my currency because where I am going, I am going to need a lot of faith to get there and flourish. I want to live and walk by faith always, and these are the moments that build that kind of a life of faith.

Sometimes, God takes you to that uncomfortable place to show you that He can and will part the Red Sea for you.

He has carried us from the womb, and even up to our old age, He says, “I will carry you.” Isaiah 46:3-4

image image image image image image image image image

[Images from Tumblr and Propel Women Webstagram]

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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