Happy Birthday Akash!

Akash, you are one of the most uniquely hilarious people I have ever met. High school wouldn’t have been high school without you.  It was awesome sitting next to this smart, funny guy throughout high school. He always made me laugh. He is caring, hilarious and generous. Dear Mort, this one goes out to you. *wink*Continue reading “Happy Birthday Akash!”

Friday Glee: March 6, 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz This week, I earned the title of detective. The weeks get more intense as they pass by; something that seems impossible until it happens. BUT–it’s Friday. Time to celebrate. The Sabbath has come as an oasis to rescues us from a weird vortex that swallows us. Have some blessed rest. Time to dropContinue reading “Friday Glee: March 6, 2015”