Friday Glee: February 5, 2016

Hi friends,

Today, we explore snowy tragedies, what’s in an age (is it really nothing but a number?), questioning what it means to be really “grown up”, the political scene, breakups, languages, and maybe more– you know, if we get to it.

Most of you aren’t from the U.S.; I love looking at my reader map. I thought I would fill you in on the NYC scene. It’s snowing here. Non-stop. The bad weather contributed to a crane collapsing in TriBeCa. One person died. Prayers are going out to that family. Life is so precious. I don’t normally talk about the sad news. Tragic, really. But I wanted to acknowledge this and urge you to pray for the families involved.

Politics have our heads spinning in circles. Not even the candidates know what they are saying anymore. Did anyone see Colbert hosting the Trump v. Trump debate?

The red-heart invasion continues. Lots of people are breaking up now, as they reflect on the meaning of life, love, their finances and the future. I did not mean that ironically… Sometimes, breaking up is the right thing to do. I loved a recent piece by Leandra Medine Cohen on this topic on her blog Man Repeller, hence the discussion. We don’t always like it, especially when it happens to us or someone close to us, but sometimes, we need to step out of all the messy emotions, and objectively (whatever that means) weigh the situation. It’s also interesting to think about how we evolve through relationships.

Once February 14 passes, it will be a full-blown Easter celebration at the pharmacy. I was at a place where I saw the cutest ceramic Peter Rabbit illustration plates. I seriously considered the adorable bunny plates and tea set, for at least five seconds. I was on the phone with someone close to me. “Aren’t you a little too old for that?” I heard in the phone receiver. Sigh. I get it. But this, led me to think about age.

What or who determines what we are too old for? No, seriously. I know 40 years olds that tell me they love Justin Bieber and One Direction’s music in hushed tones. Why? Why not just say you like it? Is there some kind of age cap? I look around a networking event, and to be honest, I see no adults. People my age and older still feel the need to get tipsy to have so much as one ounce of courage to talk or network with people, and they leave bars completely drunk… Aren’t they a little too old for that? Or people who look at you with a condescending air of “you are so young” when really, you’ve made more mature decisions and lived more responsibly than the older person’s entire collective experience. What is this age thing?

Anyway. I didn’t get the plates. They were completely adorable and appealing for Anglophiles and fans of British lit. Bunnies make the world a better place. I don’t care how old we are.

I met a handsome older man on the train this week who has been playing hockey for 52 years. He is on his second set of front teeth implants. “Some things have no age limit,” he told me. I completely agree. He then invited me to a hockey rec course he teaches, but I would like to keep all of my teeth, for now.

Jhumpa Lahiri, one of the only fiction writers worth reading in my opinion, is releasing her new book on Feb. 9th. It’s nonfiction and in Italian. She is Bengali. I loved her piece in The Guardian where she discusses her journey through learning a foreign language and her passion for it. I especially identified with the bit about being a different writer and version of yourself in another language. It sounds crazy, perhaps, but it’s true. Languages have the weirdest way of pulling on different aspects of yourself and magnifying them. Her piece reminded me of my goals and dreams, the ones that have been floating around since high school.

Lahiri writing this new book in a foreign language to her was refreshing, bold, risky and daring. Oftentimes, the best life waiting for us out there requires just that.

On another note, I am super excited to say that this weekend, I will be hearing Ravi Zacharias speak. Many of you, who read often and who have been a part of this blog for the six years it has been in existence, know he is often quoted. He is one of my favorite apologists and philosophers, and I am so excited.

Yes, it’s also Super Bowl Sunday. As a kid, I remember someone from church would have a Super Bowl party, and it would be a day of eating lots of chips, sweets, veggie hot dogs and commercial watching. Sweet memories. Not sure I will be watching this year. Apathy has gotten the best of me.

But how do you plan life? Maybe the weekend will be different than what I have envisioned. And that’s all right. Last weekend was hellish, but if this weekend brings surprises, I think it can only go up from last week.

I hope you all have a warm weekend. We’ll be hiking through snow mountains.

The groundhog said spring was coming early, right? What’s his name? Phil?

Whatever, he’s cute. After resurrecting that line from jr. high, it’s time for me to go.
Spring, come find us.


Gabriela Yareliz

PS. Awesome articles and videos were linked for your enjoyment and further reflection.

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