A Lesson from Ms. Hilton (Loves It)

Courtesy of Quay

By: Gabriela Yareliz

It’s 2004. For Christmas, I get the new Paris Hilton fragrance with a black quilted handbag that has a little compact in it, and it has the name “Paris Hilton” embroidered into it in bright pink. The greatly coveted and cherished gift set.

Image via Fragrance Net

If you were a teen in the early 2000s, you know the level of celebrity Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie had. Both icons in their own right, more widely known for The Simple Life.

Wiffle Gif

So, I wasn’t allowed to watch this show (and I know why lol), but I would find little clips on the baby internet, back in the day. (Remember when you got internet through that cable that had to be in the wall?) What I gravitated toward the most was their style. Both quickly became known for their smart humor while playing dumb, large sunglasses (which I found, and still to this day, find glamorous), velour tracksuits, and phrases (“Loves it” and “That’s hot!” being among the most popular).

Ok! Magazine

Years have gone by. Both are elegant business women, but I love that when I look at them, I still catch glimpses of their eclectic flair. You still see * them *. Nicole Richie is married and has cute kids and a thriving business.

Nicole Richie; Image via Andylecompte

Paris Hilton has followed no one’s timeline, and got married in 2021 at the age of 40. She sings, she sells, she DJs, and she keeps coining phrases #sliving (slaying+living). She has also been an advocate for bipartisan issues dealing with children, abuse and education.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton at Hilton’s wedding; Image via People Magazine

Paris Hilton came back into focus for me through a special collab from Dolls Kill x Powerpuff Girls. Here is the story: I had seen this cute Powerpuff Girl sweater that filled me with so much nostalgia. I decided I was going to get it, but then I thought, Nah, I am too old. Then, days later as I was searching it again (I clearly kept thinking about this sweater), I saw Paris Hilton wearing the same sweater (the one I talked myself out of), and I was like, Of course. Ha! Great minds think alike. (Except she went for it without hesitation).

I was a HUGE Powerpuff Girl fan as a kid. I mean here are three strong cuties who don’t go to bed until they have saved the world. (Life motto, anyone?) Their message is service, and we are stronger together. My favorite was and is always Buttercup.

Puff Fandom

Spoiler alert: I got the sweater (it will join my “Loves it” sweater, which I wore throughout the height of the pandemic).

Image via Giphy; Name a more iconic gif… I will wait.

The post isn’t about the sweater(s). It’s about not forgetting the little pieces that make us who we are (it can be tempting to fit into a box). Remembering the things that make us smile and remind us of childhood. I think seeing Paris in it not caring what anyone thinks reminded me of how important it is to still have fun, even as we get older. * Especially * as we get older. It’s the attitude. Even seeing Paris Hilton was nostalgic. I told my dad about the sweater, and he said to me, “One is NEVER too old.” I’ll try to remember that.

No matter what stage in life we are in, let’s keep sliving. Loves it.

Image via Daily Mail

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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